You are viewing a brand new, shrink-wrapped, 60 minute Holistic Healing / Relaxation / Massage and Meditation CD, "Steven Halpern ~ Singing Bowls of Shangri-la", featuring the only known recording of a rare 11th century golden singing bowl from sacred lineage holder Thea Surasu. The incredibly sustained tones of the grandfather bowl are at times combined with other bowls, but no other instruments are added. Listen to a few sound clips... We carry a wide variety of dance, yoga, and exercise instruction DVDs, as well as 1000s of Middle Eastern, New Age, Native American, Healing, and World Music CDs.

Steven Halpern ~ Singing Bowls of Shangri-la CD
by Thea Surasu

These primordial sounds interact with each heartbeat; they resonate your entire being at a cellular level to create a perfectly balanced and attuned state of deep relaxation.

Steven Halpern ~ Singing Bowls of Shangri-la CD CoverSinging Bowls of Shangri-la creates sacred sonic space, evoking images of the legendary Himalayan valley of Shangri-la, land of eternal bliss. It is especially recommended for meditation and healing for those wishing to use sound as an entry into the Silence. Several tracks include smaller bowls, as well as natural environmental sounds.

For over a thousand years, special golden "singing bowls" have been part of a secret healing tradition in Tibet. Never before recorded, this rare 11th century healing instrument produces a breathtaking range of overtones.

The sound evokes a transcendent state of meditation (especially when listened to with headphones). The incredible sustained vibrations resonate and attune the listener at the cellular level. No synthesizers or other instruments are added.

Over 1000 years ago, Tibetan masters received the secret and sacred art of creating "singing bowls" to evoke a transcendent state of meditation and healing. The ancients believed that singing bowls were physical manifestations of a higher intelligence, an embodiment of spiritual sound that tunes body, mind and soul. Thea Surasu was initiated into this lineage, and is a Keeper of this healing tradition. on link to hear a short sample... and see if this CD is right for you...

Complete Track Listing and Audio Samples

Steven Halpern ~ Singing Bowls of Shangri-la CD Cover01. listen Memories of Xanadu (7.17)
02. listen Shambhala (15.12)
03. listen Symphony for Shangri-la (27.33)
04. listen Heart Beat Wisdom (10.00)

Item Details, Running Times, Lengths, etc.

Steven Halpern ~ Singing Bowls of Shangri-la CD
Retail Price: $15.98 + State Tax and Shipping
Total Time: 60:19

Musicians & Instruments

Steven Halpern: OM chant & Vowel mantra, Japanese Temple Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Rhodes
Thea Surasu: 11th century Tibetan Healing Bowl

What They Say About Steven Halpern ~ Singing Bowls of Shangri-la

"One of the amazing qualities of the bowls is that their sound changes as you move around the room. This will also occur as you change your position relative to your stereo speakers.

"Symphony for Xanadu was performed live. The section that sounds like a choir of monks chanting is a manifestation of the multiple bowls' harmonics interacting. About 14 minutes into the Symphony, many people notice their sinuses opening. At other points, you may also feel your third eye resonating. "Listening to this recording, individuals with a higher degree of sensitivity can see a figure 8 of energy open over them as their body is engulfed in a luminous halo of light and sound." - THEA SURASU

2003 update: It is with great sadness that I share the news that Thea recently made his transition to the next stage of his personal evolution. His loving presence will be missed. This recording is now also a fitting tribute, as he had wished, that continues the legacy of his work in the world.

Steven Halpern Bio

STEVEN HALPERN is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning composer and recording artist who has touched the lives of millions. His pioneering approach to composing music that promotes relaxation, healing and spiritual growth launched a 'quiet revolution' in 1975, and created an entire new genre of healing music. His recordings continue to set the standard of excellence in the field.

Halpern's music carries an energy of light, love and healing and is an ideal companion to yoga, massage and meditation, and healing arts practices of all kinds. His recordings are used in homes, healing centers, hospices, schools and business offices around the world.

Steven was christened "Dr. Sound" over 25 years ago by Dr. C. Norman Shealy, Founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association Steven's music has been heard on CBS's 48 Hours, ABC's 20/20, Oprah and John Bradshaw's PBS- TV series, Homecoming and Creating Love. He has produced over 60 recordings in the INNER PEACE and the SOUNDWAVE 2000 Subliminal self-help series.

In 1971, Halpern began his pioneering research exploring sound, consciousness and healing using brainwave biofeedback and Kirlian (aura) photography. Steven Halpern Ph.D. is the author of Sound Health (Harper & Row, 1985), numerous articles, and a syndicated monthly newsletter. Dr. Halpern is a popular keynote speaker at holistic health and healing conferences, as well as seminar and workshop leader.

Thea Surasu Bio

Thea Surasu Bio PhotoTHEA SURASU is a healer, artist, and magician who has spent twenty years exploring the transformative power of sound, using sonic tools of truth and Singing Bowls from many cultures. He is a Keeper of that tradition. In person, Thea places this 11th century Tibetan bowl directly on a person's body. This facilitates a state of full release and deep relaxation at a molecular level. Thea Surasu is also one of the leading authorities and collectors of blossom jade, "the stone of heaven."

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